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Ralph Holland: Development Experience

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Period Role Technology/Application
Mar-21 Security engineer
Build from source
developed node-js read/write repository server and mirror for Debian / Ubuntu branches of Linux. Server supports renaming-releases (/<os>/dist/<release>, generating new release, metadata parsers are provided for: .deb, .dsc. Release, Sources, Packages file for metadata analysis. (TBD: Index files to be generated from database on HTTP GET. apt-ftparchive is currently used to regenerate Release files but will be replaced via metadata processing when finalised.)
Integrating Build from Source scripts to use the local read/write repository server.
Nov 21 Architect developed architecture for environmental monitoring using modbus and IP. Solutions: node-red flows and mqtt server - modernising modbus to IoT like provisions.
Oct 21 Architect designed list processing server to scan security logs and maintain black and white lists that are uploaded by my edge router to block attackers. listsd is written in node-js, and is distributed across various servers and can scan logs such as /var/log/authn.log, /var/log/fail2ban etc to identify attacker IP addresses and maintain lists. mqtt is used to keep white-list and black lists in lock-step asynchronously in each listsd server. The router periodically obtains list deltas or full list via the listsd HTTP server (from any node).
Sep 21 developer implemented mqttd: a resiliant mqtt service running on Linux
Apr 2021 - May 2021 Security Engineer Arising Technology Systems
Evaluated and installed a roll-your-own IP security camera system using a COTS IP camera. I secured the camera network via my edge router

connected to Reolink RLC-510/410 IP cameras via a PoE switch and fitted with a Shinobi Open Source (node.js) NVR deployed on an Intel NUC. Shinobi performs motion detection and recording. Security Analysis was performed with Mikrotik router pcap capture and Wireshark for packet inspection. The goal was to detect and then prevent intrusion from the www into the camera sys,res the home office. I have Shinobi, a node.js a software Network Video Recorder running on a dedicated Intel NUC which is also supervised by the watchdog server, along with the security cameras and their PoE network switch. (The next project could be solar panels to power all the IT equipment.)

Feb 2021 - Mar 201 systems engineer / developer
Developed a watchdog server based on a raspberry pi SBC that is used to supervise all my company networking and critical server infrastructure. Equipment is recycled when the equipment cannot be probed. Probes include the network cloud router, network switches, security camera systems, NAS, NTP servers, VTC server, web-servers and other critical infrastructure, including access to DNS. Network equipment is recycled when network connectivity fails. The watchdog server manages the power on 240 V equipment, and reset lines on low power equipment. Equipment was designed with electrical and optical isolation and the relays fail-safe to equipment-on, and resets off. The watchdog server also employs a hardware watchdog timer to ensure the server keeps functioning correctly. This project came about because it became problematic to ring my wife to rectify remote access from airports etc as the amount of critical equipment kept increasing in my home office.
Feb 2021 Researcher
Investigated Lora and LoraWAN.
Nov 97 to present Managing Director Arising Technology Systems Pty Limited ACN 079 817 342 Information Technology Consultancy. (Enterprise Application Development, C++, Forte, C#, Perl and Java.) GIS development, antenna simulation and firmware design.
Apr 2020 Systems admin
Deployed a self-hosted VTC server (based on jitsi). This was used by my DSTG team during covid-19 remote access for correspondence with researchers in the US, instead of using insecure Zoom. This server is fully encrypted, voice and video. (accessible at
Nov 2018 - present Defence: High Performance Computer
Security Specialist Engineer
HPC Perl, C++, scripting and all sorts of stuff to implements gaols and chroot type compartmentalisation: Redhat Linux.
Nov 2018 - Mar 2019 Consultant High Performance Computing (HPC), investigating and proving security posture and designing Software Security enforcement tools.
Mar 2018 - Nov 2018 Architect / Developer
Proto-typed a 3D GIS VR environment.
2018 systems engineer
Developed an NTP server using chrony and GPS derived 1PPS and raspberry pi SBC that are also feeding flightaware data. I did this because I want more accurate time to improve the precision of multilateration for my own experiments, and for my mobile piaware. The network time these 1PPS receivers is more accurate than the local university ntp pool at ANU. The only improvement I could realise is to use dedicated hardware that has hardware timestamps in the Network Interface Controller chip - which would further assist the NTP algorithms with correction of network propagation delay and jitter.
2016 System Engineer Deployed a few piaware transceivers for contribution to aircraft multilateration. Raspberry Pi and UHF antenna and Software Defined Radio installation. Oh - one installation also contains web-cam snap-shot and labelling (all done via bash-scripting and linux commands), note the weather overlay - I did that too. (Sorry about the cob-webs reflecting in the IR; the flying school instructor always somehow forget to clean the camera lenses, so I have to fly up to do maintenance - lol). That is a link to a test page that nobody is supposed to look at - I must remove the extra image links - I deleted the delivery of high res images because their new website FTP server was too slow and ruining the upload timings resulting in delayed-time stamps on the images. These images are fed into OzRunways and AvPlan Electronic Flight Book systems for other pilots consumption (hence the advertising).
2016 Developer Fixed faults in SDR software for piAware. piAware C code.
Apr 2015 – present Chief Technology Officer, founding director, N4RC Pty Ltd Hardware and Software ideas shop.
2015 Developer
Developed fixed-point DSP SELCAL encode and decode logic for pic DSP. Aviation and Amateur Radio
2014 RF Engineer
Designed the HF transceiver installation in my aircraft: developed the audio interface circuitry, which included the impedance matching for the microphone input, and its frequency tailoring to eliminate the “boxy” noise caused by the aircraft engine, and designed the audio output impedance matching all with passive components to avoid failure modes.

Designed the placement of the antenna and antenna-tuner and the routing of all cables, and the transceiver grounding to minimize interference by and to/with the aircraft avionics. I even designed the antenna shackle mounting arrangement and the stringer-doubler plate with a strain relief rivet to avoid aircraft skin cracking around the feed-through insulator. Radio communications and electronics.

2011 Engineer Designer of Seven-of-nine, a Covert Passive Collector for aircraft multi-lateralisation position reporting. (This was designed before the mandate for mode-ES - aircraft extended squitters and before I adopted flightaware.) Hardware UHF Analogue to Digital (direct) receiver and associated digital processing. No local oscillators – to keep it covert.
2011 - ongoing Software Architect
Designed and developed IR-GIS ® MapView for displaying vehicle positions, and IR-GIS ® Historical Pullback Server for recording position reports and attributed text in real-time for historical recall and display in MapView. All developed in Java (highly concurrent and performant).
Nov 2009 – 2010 Product Owner Product Owner (Business Analyst and Customer Representative) for a team of 5 using Agile Scrum development. Defence.
2011 Architect/Senior Developer Developed maritime trackers in Java (after having developed Aviation trackers to cope with 20 seconds of jitter using Kalman filters).
Nov 2006 - Jul 2017 Senior Developer for Production Systems Defence Signal processing (C++), Protocol extraction (C++), Estimation and Correlation (Java), Regression Test-bed development (Java, Ant, Junt, Sql-unit, Cobertura, eclipse RCP and Cruise Control), World Projections (C++). GIS (ESRI), Google KML, and then http://ir-gis. Air Traffic Network decoding of position reports and telex, multi-headed radar fusion and dynamic earth model adjustments.
2013 - 2017 Senior Security Developer Attribute Based Access Control systems Java.
2010 Senior Developer Regression Test Bed design and implementation (Java.)
2009 Senior Developer Developed Kalman filters for tracking aircraft with up to 20 seconds of jitter (Java real-time processing).
Oct 2005 to Nov 2006 Support specialist metadata (SQL) and application dev. (C)
Nov 2002 to Oct 2005 Senior Developer/Architect Centrelink, Canberra. JavaScript, Forte, DHTLM, XSLT, Java, Enterprise web applications.
Nov 2001 - Nov 2002 Senior Developer DFAT, Forte 4GL (3.0N.9) migration from Unix to Windows 2000/NT and some C++ support.
Mar 2001 – Nov 2001 Forte Mentor and Senior Developer Framework Architect, Performance Analyst - Technology Partners Group.Forte Web Enterprise, Forte 4GL/UDS, XML, DOM, Forte/UDS, some html and Java script.
Jan 2000 – Mar 2000 Architect and Senior Developer for Thelma, a health-based Java E-commerce project deployed at ICS global (Sydney), whilst consulting to Technology Partners Group, Newcastle. Java B2B E-commerce development with JRun application server, Oracle JBuilder and Oracle 8i.
Nov 2000 - Dec 2000 Performance Consultant CSC Australia Melbourne E-tag tollway project. Forte 4GL middleware on a Sun Cluster (using Oracle 8i)
May 1998 – Oct 2000 Senior Developer and OOD mentor deployed at DFAT by BHP-IT. Rational Rose UML/RUP, Forte 4GL middleware, C++, C and scripting languages.
Sep 1997 – Mar 1998 Senior Developer/Team Leader Network Protocol and Framework Architect, Air Data Technologies. Embedded Radio Network for remote power metering.
Sep 1997 – 1998 Embedded Communication System designer developed portable communication protocols for support over MOBITEX and TETRA radio protocols, Air Data Technologies. Embedded processors and radio networking.
1997 Systems Engineer/RF Engineer
Contributed to a small part of the design of Anzac phased-array radar system (while at CEA) by suggesting that mixed-polarisation was required, because circularly polarized signals are reflected back at the opposite polarisation due to the reflection boundary.

Antenna theory

1996 – 1997 Amateur Radio Hobbyist Numerous HF antenna designs and installations that have been published and in use world-wide Amateur Radio.
Oct 1995 – Sep 1997 Senior Systems Engineer
CEA Technologies. Mine Hunter communication’s system (hardware).
1995 - 1997 Amateur Radio Hobbyist Designed and built axial mode helical antennas for NVIS. (Research project at CEA Technologies.) Amateur Radio.
1997 Amateur Radio Hobbyist
Built and designed common-mode rejection baluns and filters for LF through to HF. Amateur Radio
1996 Sys Eng Developed FPLA generated RFDS SELCAL. Electronics.
1996 System Engineer (rf) Proposed the broad-band RX antenna design for the Mine Hunter.
1996 System Engineer (rf) Proposed the broad-band VHF-UHF TX antenna design for the Mine hunter.
1996 System Engineer (rf) Proposed the omni-directional SATCOM antenna design for the Minehunter.
1996 System Engineer (rf) Contributed to the design of the hi-dynamic range common-mode-rejection differential amplifiers for the Mine Hunter broad-band receive antenna.
Jan 1996 System Engineer (software) Debugged the firmware for one of the CEA Technology Software Defined radios (it took me 10 minutes to read the instruction set and 15 minutes to fix it) – the engineer trying to get this to work was causing a floating-point overflow which was causing the DSP to reset and the I/Q audio recovery to have clicks (each time the processor reset). DSP assembly language
Nov 1996 Project Manager Integration of Compucat Maritime Message Switch into the Mine Hunter Communication’s system
1996 Amateur Radio Hobbyist
Sailor ATU 1500 modifications, Amateur Radio magazine, 1996.
1995 Amateur Radio Hobbyist
ATU Modification for the Kenwood TS440-S/AT, Amateur Radio magazine, November 1995.
Nov 1995 – Sep 2007 Systems Engineer Developed code that performed cable sizing and least-path placement for the Mine Hunter power and signal buses.
Nov 1995 – Sep 2007 Systems Engineer Sourced components and designed the Mine Hunter telephone hybrid circuit for land-line to ships coms connection. Mine Hunter communication bus telephone interface. CEA Technologies
Nov 1995 – Sep 1997 System Engineer (rf) Simulated the HF antenna on the Mine Hunter for near-field verification that common-mode choke placements were required on Mine Hunter communication bus and wiring. Antenna Simulation (Java and FORTRAN) Mine Hunter Systems Engineering.
Nov 1994 – Oct 1995 Flix Group Manager, Designer and Developer Proprietary 5GL database project (implemented in Pascal).
Nov 1993 - 1994 Software Architect / Project Manager Developed the replacement (portable) Compucat Maritime Message Switch, thus familiar with defence messaging, C++ et al. ACP-127, Link-11 and Link-16 etc.
1994 Architect Proprietary Exception replacement mechanism (C++). Architect proprietary memory allocation routines (Pascal) and Memory allocation for microprocessors and IBM/PCs (C++) Compucat Pt Ltd.
Nov 1993 – Nov 1994 Project Manager Compucat Pty Limited. Protocol, Storage and Interface Architect. Compucat’s first C++ and Object Oriented Development. Also first project certified under AS3901.
Oct 1989 – Nov 1993 Research Engineer / Senior Analyst Programmer Compucat Pty Limited. C, Pascal, C++ on Windows, Solaris and Unix platforms.
Aug 1993 – Nov 1993 Research Engineer / Senior Analyst Programmer Developed Fixed and Floating point to integer processor libraries and Z-buffering graphics rendering. Compucat Fleetwork Trainer.
1993 Architect Event-driven Multitasking environment for Borland Pascal DOS applications - used as a basis for Fleet Work Trainer program Compucat

Pascal/Assembly language

1993 Architect micro-second precision Event Monitor and program performance metering for PC compatibles). Compucat. Pascal and IBM pc Assembly language
Aug 1993 – Nov 1993 Project Controller/Team Leader/Architect Fleetwork Trainer (used by the RAN and NZ Navy), Compucat. Pascal and Proprietary motion engine. Assembly language.
1990 – 2000 Amateur Radio Hobbyist Implemented various antenna tuning techniques, including modification to military and ships surplace equipment.

Amateur Radio

1990 – 1995 Amateur Radio Hobbyist
Simulated antennas and verified them by building; my specialty was compact and elevated HF ground-plane antennas and NVIS. I have several publications in this regard, and one publication in a per-reviewed paper validating NEC-2D (which was reviewed by the NEC-2D author as it turns out). Amateur Radio
1991 Amateur Radio Hobbyist Designed and developed un-powered Voice Activated switches for transceivers, and transceiver links using transformers and MOSFETs that operated without external power supplies. Amateur Radio
1990 Amateur Radio Hobbyist Designed and developed compact 160 m HF antennas for mobile use. Amateur Radio
1990 Amateur Radio Hobbyist Obtained unrestricted (full call advanced) Amateur Licence VK1BRH. Morse Code and advanced Radio theory.
Jan 1986 – Oct 1986 Technical Liaison Officer deployed at Prime R&D Boston MA, by Prime R&D Australia. Proprietary operating system (PRIMOS). Development languages: FORTRAN, PL1/G, SPL, Assembly language and INFO/BASIC.
1986 Architect Designed and developed a new Database interpreter for Prime INFORMATION (PMA) which achieved up to 6 times performance improvement. Prime R&D. Prime 32R Assembly Language
1984 – Oct 1989 Senior Software Engineer Team Leader, Performance Analyst, Prime R&D Australia. Proprietary operating system (PRIMOS) (based on Multix – the precursor of Unix.) Development languages: FORTRAN, PL1/G, SPL, Assembly language and INFO/BASIC. Proprietary INFORMATION 4GL database.
1982 Software Engineer Developed their BASIC interpreter (C), a PDP-11 emulator (PMA), a Z80 emulator (PMA) - using Prime Assembly Language and

C language.

1980 Architect Architect of a Semaphore-based operating system for PRIMOS subsequently used for teaching at the NSWIT. FORTRAN IV and PLP
1980 – 1984 Tutor NSWIT (now University of Technology), Broadway Sydney. Mini Pascal compiler (Pascal), BNF table driven parser (C), Table-driven diss-assembler (PLP), Ada subset compiler (PL1/G), Academic environment tutoring for wide range of subjects including, Mathematics, Assembly languages, Languages and Processors (compiler theory), Network Analysis, Micro-controller laboratory etc.
1980 Teacher Qualified NSW Science and Mathematics teacher, Department of Education. Physics, Chemistry, Computing.
1980 Amatuer Radio Hobbyist
Designed and published high-impedance RF buffer amplifiers circuit so I could signal-trace and tune all the oscillators in a HF transceiver that I repaired – without loading the oscillators. Amateur Radio and Electronics
1978 Amateur Radio Hobbyist Obtained Amateur Call sign VK2ZZB. Built amplifiers, transmitters and some transceivers. Electronics and Radio theory.
1975 Electronics Hobbyist Developed V.21 frequency shift-keying 600 baud phone modem, plus V.22 1200 baud tape modem. Electronics and Computing
1972 Electronics Hobbyist Rewound a 250 volt laboratory variac that had some burnt-out turns on the later half of the winding. Electronics
1970 Electronics Hobbyist Designed switch-mode Triac power-supplies (regulating the primary main-supply side of the transformer). Electronics
1970 Amateur Astronomer Designed and developed a variable frequency inverter drive for synchronous motors used for astronomical telescope tracking. Electronics.
1970 Electronics Hobbyist Developed Buck and Boost switch-mode power-supplies before the advent of “jungle” chips. Electronics.
1969 Electronics Hobbyist Rewound a power drill motor armature – because my father's drill blew-up and he said I can have it if I fixed it, and then he showed me how to fix it (my dad was an electrical turner and fitter by trade). Electro-mechanical.
1967 Electronics Hobbyist Designed 400 Watt adjustable linear power supply for my father using a large TV transformer and my own-regulator design. Voltage would only boost up by a faction of a volt under a 30 amp load due to the compensation and voltage sense in my regulator design. Electronics,
1966 Electronics Hobbyist Rewinding valve TV mains transformers for power supplies that I designed. Electronics.
1961 Hobbyist Light and Morse Key circuit soldered at home direct to batteries and switches etc and taken to school.

My father made me a soldering iron and taught me to solder at an early age.