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Ralph Holland: Publications

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Title Publication, Date
High Impedance Buffer and Broadband Amplifier for Digital Frequency Meters Amateur radio, October 1980.
Relative Field Strength Meter Silicon Chip April 1990.
Validation of NEC2 and Zo by feedpoint reactance of monopoles Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Newsletter, July 1995. (professional peer reviewed.)
Short Vertical Antennas and Ground systems A.R. October 1995.
Spiral Top Loading of a Short Vertical Amateur Radio October 1995.
ATU Modification for the Kenwood TS440-S/AT Amateur Radio, November 1995.
Sailor ATU 1500 modifications Amateur Radio, 1996
Horizontal Antennas and Real Ground Amateur Radio October 1996
Horizontal Halfwave Antenna above a counterpoise Amateur Radio November 1996
Hybrid Antennas Amateur Radio January 1997.
A Cost Effective Current Mode 1:1 Balun Amateur Radio 1997.
A Cost Effective Current Mode 1:4 Balun Amateur Radio 1997.
Project Managers Manual for ISO9001 Compucat 1993
Software Developers Manual for ISO900 Compucat 1993
Various project Stage plans, including performance evaluation plans, Requirement Analysis, Architectural and Detail Design documents. Arising Technology Systems
Forte Enterprise Developer’s Guide, including Patterns Arising Technology Systems 2002.
Egyptian Daytime Wave Pockets – speculative causes, Apr 2002.
Some aviation publications at
Other publications at and reprints of some of the above at and
piaware data feeds 26 Jan 2016 & another from Cowra (which has degraded and I need to investigate)