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Garmin GNS480

The GNS 480 is aviation’s first Gamma-3 WAAS-certified GPS/Comm navigator. It’s loaded with features and guidance capabilities that put it at the forefront of panel-mount navigation technology at the time of its release by Apollo as the CNX80 and subsequently purchased by Garmin 2003 and released as the GNS480

The database card started out as a 32 MB partition and has been subsequently increased to greater than 64 MB due to the increase in US data of:

  • way-points,
  • approaches,
  • arrivals and
  • departures.

The GPS uses a FAT16 formatted Flash Card which uses the partition serial number as the volume id, and is labelled with CNX 80.

An example GNS480 compact flash database card contains:

  • partition: GUUID=78CD-C85D
  • label: CNX 80
  • contents :
  System Volume Information/WPSettings.dat
  System Volume Information/IndexerVolumeGuid
  • optional contents


The card should be imaged for preservation and restoration in case something should happen to the Compact Flash card and the file system be damaged.

Plug the CompactFlash Card into your reader and look for the device (and take note):

  • on linux
sudo fdisk -l
  • obtain the volume id on Linux
sudo blkid
  • or obtain the volume id on Windows
vol drive-letter:

backup and restore on linux

  • the image may be saved on linux (take care with if and of targets so you do not overwrite your original card while making the image) via:
 dd if=/dev/SDFlash-device of=gsn480.img bs=4048
  • the image may be restore on linux via e.g.
 dd of=/dev/SDFlash-dev if=gns480.img bs=4048

backup and restore on Windows