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Mr Ralph Holland has knowledge covering several domains. Which includes these interests to name a few:

  • amateur radio and electronics,
  • computer simulation, including antenna simulation,
  • radar systems and message formats,
  • tracking system software development (Kalman filters et al.),
  • real-time GIS systems (2D and 3D),
  • Attribute and Role Based Access Control Systems,
  • Real-time Security and Communications Software,
  • Radio Systems Engineering,
  • Instrument Flying - he holds a Command Instrument Rating, and
  • Software research development in various arenas:
    • real-time messaging
    • scalable concurrent software
    • efficient concurrent collections
    • fifth-generation and real-time geospatial databases
  • using various languages, including:
    • compiled: Ada, C++, C, Pascal, FORTRAN,
    • virtual or intepreted: Java, Perl, Python, (a bit of C#),
    • and in the distant past: Assembly languages, LISP, Snobol, Simular, COBOL and PL1/g (and even INFO-BASIC),
    • Mr Holland also wrote boot-strap compilers for:
      • Ada
      • Pascal
      • portable-C, and
    • Cross-compilers for FORTRAN to C++ - well before GNU was born.

More details:


  • computing
  • Amateur Radio advanced operator, VK1BRH - aeronautical mobile
  • electronics
  • antenna simulation
  • compilers, parsers and interpreters
  • flying gliders, and flying power planes, and anything to do with flying - did I mention I am a pilot - lol?
  • Radar, ADS-B, tracking and estimation (yes I am - see
  • I own a Mooney Aircraft Company M20J 205 MSE VH-URH (ex N205BW that I imported in 2014 from Oregon) - the little one, not the big one.