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Anouncement MapView

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Stop Press 20180920

Ralph Holland announces a new and major product release IR-GIS(R) 2.X, which has been compiled with Java 8 source-code compatibility.

IR-GIS(R) MapView 2.1.2 (released 20181017) incorporates the:

  • latest udig 2.0 baseline providing
  • enhanced OGC compatibility,
  • additional features, and
  • new styling developments.

The new IR-GIS(R) MapView 2.1.2 client and it's feature set has been developed to be compatible with the Historical Pullback Server 1.3X after incorporation of new product licence.

We however recommend migration to the entire IR-GIS(R) product suite, including an upgrade to HPS 2.X to take advantage of the Java 8 byte code and to ensure future compatibility as the new MapView 2.X diverges

IR-GIS ® MapView is based on the Open Source [udig] platform.

We are also working on a stereo-scopic 3D product MapWorld.