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Hps Browser

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The Hps Browser is an analytic component of the IR-GIS ® product suite which may be used to browse through the HPS database files, explore the word indexes, and expand to reports. It very useful when proving indexes and storage. THe Hps Browser was written to debug an indexing problem and to prove it was fixed. More details regarding this utility are available in the release notes and held documentation that are delivered with the product.

This utility can work on the live archive area of the HPS; it is however recommended to avoid looking at the current HPS partitions because the Hps browser is independent from the HPS cache, the indexes are likely to be am inconsistent snap-shot of the live data.

This requires some further write-up, which I can extract from the release notes. In fact I believe the release notes, or extracts of them, could be included on this wiki after we make a bit more 3D development progress - which is the priority ATM.