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My favourite splash screen.
A photo with actual colours as seen from the air between Cowra NSW returning to Canberra Australia just after sunset.
iPhone 6 plus 1/17 sec f2.2 ISO-64 lat 34S43'31.55" lon 149E0'4.12" alt 5000' AMSL on 12 Feb 2017 20:11.

IR-GIS ® Product Suite

System-engineering.jpg The IR-GIS ® Intellectual Property (for real-time processing) is available under licence or sale, contact details are included at the bottom of the main   web-page. The IP is solely owned by Ralph Holland and is unencombered and partitioned into private wikis and repositories all ready to undergo due diligence.

The 2.1.X Innovative Real-time - Geographic Information System (suite) includes:

  • Overview of IR-GIS ® product
  • Technical Specifications for IR-GIS ® product
  • ir-xml real-time message formats for sensors, tracking and geodatabase storage
  • IR-GIS ® MapView 2D GIS product with real-time layers provided by ir-xml input datasources
  • IR-GIS ® MapWorld 3D GIS product with real-time layers provided by ir-xml datasources
  • IR-GIS ® HPS real-time geodatabase recording and pullback of ir-xml datasources.
  • IR-GIS ® Hps Browser - for (offline) geodatabase inspection and validation.
  • IR-GIS ® piCap - for acquisition of aircraft ADS-B position reports and amplifying data

IR-GIS ® MapView has been running since 2010 and is overlayed over the famous Open Source GIS project code which has a wide development community.


The product suite uses activemq JMS Topic and Queues for its transport and command-and-control facilities for the real-time messaging (layers).

The following utilities are used to analyse or inject messages for analysis:

  • CrossHatch - for load-testing and analysis
  • TopicToFile - for communications engineering
  • FileToTopic - for communications engineering
  • others to be documented ...


Numerous technical designs are involved in this architecture; MapView alone contains over 30,000 Java classes. Details of the design are kept in a private-wiki. All such wikis (including this one) are instances of the mediawiki - because its the best. Mediawiki has section headers, table of contents and the best things are category:Index and other categories, including interwiki linking (which i used between the private wikis to prevent data duplication).

capability planning

The future of this product has been examined with the following capability assessment which will lead to our roadmaps, which we will publish in due course:

More later.

IR-GIS ® shortcuts

  • Anouncement_MapView - new product announcement
  • Overview - outlines product capabilities
  • TechnicalSpec - brief product specifications
  • MapView - displays 2D map and real-time track/position reports over map layers
  • MapWorld - 3D real-time display and tracking with stereoscopic projection (VR) of maps.
  • HPS - records real-time geo-data and text data providing text-search and pullback of real-time data for display
  • Hps Browser - provides deep offline database analysis
  • ir-xml - the innovative real-time message formats accepted by IR-GIS ® systems
  • PiCap - acquires real-time ADS-B aircraft tracks and data from piaware receivers.
  • KmlPump - can be used to feed KML track data into the activemq transport used by IR-GIS ® applications
  • CrossHatch - is used to test IR-GIS ® applications with simulated aircraft tracks.
  • TopicToFile - can be used for engineering communication protocols
  • The index Category:Index

IR-GIS ® Blog


  • 20211026 My Synology DS1515+ NAS (2015 model) bricked again (2nd time)! After exploring options I contacted Synology, and received a response. So I have placed my Synology DS1515+ NAS repair in this wiki.


  • 20200323 Included covid-19 tracking.
  • 20200117 Enhanced the ir-xml parsing description for nested elements and attributes. Updated the description for MapWorld
  • 20200103 Recent fire data (will be treated as Real-time in the future) Fire Data.
  • 20200103 Added MediaWiki:Sitenotice this server may undergo backups and outages due to the wild-fires running down the ridge-line from Tarcutta, west of Tumut to Cabramurra See near Tumut/Batlow/Talbingo.


This blog-space is where I include news regarding IR-GIS ® product, and now it seems Google's analysis of my part of the web:

  • 20200101 Included google analytics property
  • 20191231 CTR is now 37.5%
  • 20191230 3D labels added to proto-type.
  • 20191229 CTR is now 40%; included some more links on the landing page
  • 20191220 CTR is now 66.7%.
  • 20191219 Well I enabled text compression on the mediawiki pages and the SEO score is now 99 on this Main Page.
  • 20191219 My landing page received a 100 (top) SEO performance score from google lightspeed - woo hoo. Despite having no TTL caching directives on my images, and javscript includes. This blog url also received a lightspeed good SEO performance score of 96, despite being a mediawiki page, with a database and php constructing the HTML, and the embedded image links. I am happy about that!
  • 20191219 Some good news despite mobile analysis; the landing-page has a 50% CTR(Click Through Rate); the industry standard is 1.91% or less! So short and sweet with no nonsense content - maybe?
  • 20191219 I included view port meta-data in the mediawiki for mobile devices
  • 20191218 reorganising the wiki to improve SEO.
  • 20191218 Tightened up fail2ban jails because of the robot traffic that was trying to POST .php and .sql injections!
  • 20191218 domain registered with google search console to see how my SEO ranking goes - I think this is going to be problematic - oh how the world wide web has changed since I first starting sending email in 1980.
  • 20191217 updates to Ralph Holland: Resume (removed from public view), also see User:Ralph.
  • 20191216 public release of ir-xml - the real-time messaging format; this has been kept closed since 2010.
  • 20191214 Work resumes on IR-GIS ® MapWorld and PiCap introduced.
  • 20191214 IR-GIS ® web-pages moved from old host to new domain.
  • 20180920 New IR-GIS ® MapView 2.X Announcement - new 2.X baseline developed.
  • 20100110 IR-GIS ® Production product release.

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