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My favourite splash screen.
A photo with actual colours as seen from the air between Cowra NSW returning to Canberra Australia just after sunset.
iPhone 6 plus 1/17 sec f2.2 ISO-64 lat 34S43'31.55" lon 149E0'4.12" alt 5000' AMSL on 12 Feb 2017 20:11.

IR-GIS ® Product Suite

System-engineering.jpg The IR-GIS ® Intellectual Property (for real-time processing) is available under licence or sale, contact details are included at the bottom of the main   web-page. The IP is solely owned by Ralph Holland and is unencombered and partitioned into private wikis and repositories all ready to undergo due diligence.

IR-GIS has been trade-marked by

The 2.1.X Innovative Real-time - Geographic Information System (suite) includes:

  • Overview of IR-GIS ® product
  • Technical Specifications for IR-GIS ® product
  • ir-xml real-time message formats for sensors, tracking and geodatabase storage
  • IR-GIS ® MapView 2D GIS product with real-time layers provided by ir-xml input datasources
  • IR-GIS ® MapWorld 3D GIS product with real-time layers provided by ir-xml datasources
  • IR-GIS ® HPS real-time geodatabase recording and pullback of ir-xml datasources.
  • IR-GIS ® Hps Browser - for (offline) geodatabase inspection and validation.
  • IR-GIS ® piCap - for acquisition of aircraft ADS-B position reports and amplifying data

IR-GIS ® MapView has been running since 2010 and is overlayed over the famous Open Source GIS project code which has a wide development community.


The product suite uses activemq JMS Topic and Queues for its transport and command-and-control facilities for the real-time messaging (layers).

The following utilities are used to analyse or inject messages for analysis:

  • CrossHatch - for load-testing and analysis
  • TopicToFile - for communications engineering
  • FileToTopic - for communications engineering
  • others to be documented ...


Numerous technical designs are involved in this architecture; MapView alone contains over 30,000 Java classes. Details of the design are kept in a private-wiki. All such wikis (including this one) are instances of the mediawiki - because its the best. Mediawiki has section headers, table of contents and the best things are category:Index and other categories and features, including interwiki linking (which I use between the private wikis to prevent data duplication).

capability planning

The future of the IR-GIS product has been examined with the following capability assessment which will lead to our roadmaps, which we will publish in due course:

More later.

IR-GIS ® shortcuts

  • Anouncement_MapView - new product announcement
  • Overview - outlines product capabilities
  • TechnicalSpec - brief product specifications
  • MapView - displays 2D map and real-time track/position reports over map layers
  • MapWorld - 3D real-time display and tracking with stereoscopic projection (VR) of maps.
  • HPS - records real-time geo-data and text data providing text-search and pullback of real-time data for display
  • Hps Browser - provides deep offline database analysis
  • ir-xml - the innovative real-time message formats accepted by IR-GIS ® systems
  • PiCap - acquires real-time ADS-B aircraft tracks and data from piaware receivers.
  • KmlPump - can be used to feed KML track data into the activemq transport used by IR-GIS ® applications
  • CrossHatch - is used to test IR-GIS ® applications with simulated aircraft tracks.
  • TopicToFile - can be used for engineering communication protocols

IR-GIS ® Blog


  • 20200117 Enhanced the ir-xml parsing description for nested elements and attributes. Updated the description for MapWorld
  • 20200103 Recent fire data (will be treated as Real-time in the future) Fire Data.
  • 20200103 Added MediaWiki:Sitenotice this server may undergo backups and outages due to the wild-fires running down the ridge-line from Tarcutta, west of Tumut to Cabramurra See near Tumut/Batlow/Talbingo.


  • 20191219 I included view port meta-data in the mediawiki for mobile devices
  • 20191218 domain registered with google search console to see how my SEO ranking goes - I think this is going to be problematic - oh how the world wide web has changed since I first starting sending email in 1980.
  • 20191216 public release of ir-xml - the real-time messaging format; this has been kept closed since 2010.
  • 20191214 Work resumes on IR-GIS ® MapWorld and PiCap introduced.
  • 20191214 IR-GIS ® web-pages moved from old host to new domain.
  • 20180920 New IR-GIS ® MapView 2.X Announcement - new 2.X baseline developed.
  • 20100110 IR-GIS ® Production product release.

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